8 decades of exquisite Valextra leather making

May 17, 2017

Valextra founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana in Milano, Italy. 

Specializing in leather products with distinctive shapes designed for the comfort of sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele, Valextra during its long history become an internationally renowned Italian luxury brand and its name synonymous with a timeless style, innovative trends, exquisite craftsmanship and artisanal techniques of supreme quality. 

Most of Valextra creations became historical bestsellers and icons of design, such as the first “24 hour” attaché case that was entrusted in history, the name “24 Hour Bag” and won the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” prize in 1954; the first ever “Grip” coin purse for men, the “Tric Trac”, a wrist bag for men’s essentials, the most coveted cabin bag “Avietta 48” and the first ever “hobo” women’s bag, the “Carita”.

In 2000, Emanuele Carminati Molina, with his family business group, invested in Valextra and decided to restore the company to its former glory, remaining faithful to the original spirit and style of Valextra, whilst developing products that responded to the needs of the moment, combining tradition, design and innovation to the essential and elegant forms.

The most recent chapter of the company commenced in 2013 when, Neo Investment Partners, a London based investment firm, specialized in the international building and development of brands, acquired a large share capital in Valextra, with the aim to support the international growth of the company, whilst maintaining its rich heritage, the tradition of excellence and the sophisticated luxury appeal that has been preserved through the years.

To Date, the business counts a growing number of boutiques within New York, Hong Kong Japan, South Korea, and Singapore as well as a diffuse network of shops in shop strategically located in USA, Asia and Europe.

The headquarter resides in Milano, in the pure heart of the city, where is also located the first flagship store of the brand.

Valextra conveys an ideal of absolute and lasting beauty, devised in every detail as a complex architecture. Every component is cut and assembled through specialised engineering and technicality, modelling geometrical contours, folding constructions, asymmetrical frames and sharp angles.


Courtesy to Valextra




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