Introducing cosmetic brand La Mer at Runway

Apr 01, 2015

For the first time, the brand La Mer and its products are displayed and up-for-sale at a multi-brands store, Runway Vietnam.

It all started from an accident in the laboratory:

50 years ago, Dr. Max Huber an aerospace physicist suffered burns after a laboratory accident. Feeling unsatisfied with the available medicine and science methods at that time, Max Huber embarked on a personal journey to regain the look of his skin. After 12 years and 6000 experiments, Dr. Max Huber had successfully extracted the Miracle Broth, which is the heart of La Mer profound power of skin transformation.

Top quality from Mother Nature:

As the best keeper of all nature’s secret, the sea offers us a wide range of resources, many of which are the potential solution for anti-aging and skin-transformation. In fact, with a strong belief on sea algae and its vitality as well as quick reproduction, most of Dr Max Huber’s researches during the twelve years were based on this special plant. Subsequently, hard work paid off as the Miracle Broth was successfully extracted. In addition, La Mer current product lines also include: protective antioxidant extracts from lemon tea, bio-ceramic algae and semi-precious stones such as: malachite, tourmaline v...v...Natural ingredients does not only guarantee the best result of anti-aging and skin transformation of La Mer but also consumer’s safety.

And La Mer at Runway:

Runway Vietnam is the very first multi-brands store to display and sell La Mer products. To mark this very special event, every customer who purchases 20 millions VNĐ worth of stock at Runway and other Global Link’s mono-brand stores will be presented with a 1 million VNĐ voucher for La Mer products (only applicable for La Mer purchases that are more than 7 millions VNĐ).

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